Named and shamed: drink and drug drivers

STEVEN Boyd Ward of Midge Point was stopped by police in Cannonvale, when he tested positive to driving with cannabis present in his saliva on July 11.

The 38-year-old told Proserpine Magistrates Court, smoking the cannabis was a "stupid thing he did to celebrate the State of Origin with his mate".

He was fined $400 and disqualified from driving for two months.

A man was caught drug driving on Shute Harbour Rd, Cannonvale, after testing positive to methamphetamines in his saliva on July 13.

A court heard Ryan William Gault, who has a criminal history of drug possession, said he'd taken the drug while on a boat trip with mates. Already on a three-year suspended sentence, Gault was fined $450, disqualified from driving for three months and had his suspended sentence extended by three months.

A father of two who went for a drive to buy cigarettes, was found by police swerving across a road near Airlie Beach. Ashish Pandey, of Jubilee Pocket, first caught the attention of police when he was travelling 20km/h above the speed limit on Jubilee Pocket Rd at 1am.

The 29-year-old told Proserpine Magistrates Court he'd had a total of six vodkas that night before being caught by police drunk driving. He was fined $750 and disqualified from driving for six months.