Anglo American's Grosvenor mine. Picture: Tara Miko
Anglo American's Grosvenor mine. Picture: Tara Miko

NAMED: Everyone appearing at Grosvenor Mine blast inquiry

Queensland's Coal Mining Board of Inquiry has released a list of witnesses to appear at a second tranche of hearings into last year's Grosvenor Mine blast.

The second round of hearings will begin on Tuesday, March 9 2021 in Brisbane Magistrates Court.

The hearings will explore high potential incidents of methane exceedances that occurred at Anglo American's Grosvenor Mine between July 1, 2019 and May 5, 2020 as well as the May 6 blast that left five miners with serious burns injuries.

The names of witnesses to appear in weeks one to three of the hearings have been released, with the board advising that weeks four and five are to be advised.

Witness list - week one:

Stephen Smith - Regional Inspector of Mines Resources Safety & Health Queensland

Geoff Nugent - Inspector of Mines Resources Safety & Health Queensland

Murray Nystrom - Forensic Fire Investigator

Neville Atkinson - Senior Inspector of Mines - Electrical Resources Safety & Health Queensland

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Witness list - week two:

Marty Denham - Electrical Fire Investigator

Rob Thomas - Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Martin Watkinson - Executive Mining Engineer

Sean Muller - Acting Senior Analytical Chemist

Witness list - week three:

Dr. Ray Williams - Consultant: coal mine gas management

Andrew Self - Consultant: coal mine systems

Dr. Basil Beamish - Consultant: spontaneous combustion

Additional inspectors from Resources Safety and Health Queensland may appear at the hearings.

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