Body building power couple eat '8 meals a day'

ONE woman in a body building contest Win Marsh watched was relegated to second place because she had mozzie bites on her legs.

"That's how close it can come down to," Mrs Marsh said. 

Mrs Marsh says it's the cut throat world of body building competition where, as a competition approaches, she is forced into a careful routine of preparation to sculpt their body to perfection.

"The hardest thing is your diet -- the amount of food you need to eat," she said. "Off season, when you're building, you need to eat every three to four hours."

"But when you're competing, and you need to strip your body fat, I'll eat every two to three hours -- they're very clean meals."

But the body builder has had it tough in the past. When her previous husband died, Mrs Marsh turned to fatty foods to cope. 

"I lost a husband, and life eats you away, and you don't train and you get fat," she said.

But Mrs Marsh said when she got overweight, "I did not like it one little bit," so she's shaken off 20kg over the past four years. 

She and her husband Brett, who has been body building for eight years, will have the opportunity to show off their hard work to the world at Mrs Marsh's first international competition on the Gold Coast next month.

She said while the challenge and keeping fit and healthy was behind her commitment to the body building, her husband drew her to the sport in 2013.

Last year, Ms Marsh rose to the top four in the Asia Pacific.

But she said her thighs is a major muscle group that she says she needs to tone up.

"I'm a typical female that use to be a pear shape, so I'm heavy in the legs, so my top spreads up, I can be quite muscular at the top, but my legs are still quite thick, and that'll take another couple of years."