West Moreton Anglican college students Deeann Nutley and Samuel Moxon check out the school’s iPad app.
West Moreton Anglican college students Deeann Nutley and Samuel Moxon check out the school’s iPad app. Rob Williams

iPad app gives pupils a head start

THE iPad education revolution has been taken to the next level by West Moreton Anglican College with an Australian-first app developed especially for their Year 12 students.

The app packages all the vital information a student needs for their day-to-day studies into a simply organised, functional app.

The first version of the app was released to students after they received iPads last year, with the idea originating from WestMAC Director of Technology and Information Services Tricia O'Keeffe.

Since then, Mrs O'Keeffe has worked with app developers DigiStorm Education to make an improved second version, available for iPads and Android, to be released in two weeks time.

"It is part of our education program ensuring that the children can access any information they need at any time. The more information they have access to the better organised they are," she said.

"The idea of the WestMAC app was the best way to get the information out to the kids."

Version one gave students access to notices, time tables, assessment calendars, excursion and college information and linked with the school management system.

The new version adds access to World Book Encyclopaedia and ProQuest online, links to education about cyber safety, assignment research tips and improved functionality.

Year 12 student Deeann Nutley testified to advantages of the new apps.

"It's a really good organising tool. It always there and I look at it all the time," she said.

"You have to work hard to prove there is more advantages than disadvantages and the parents see that now."

DigiStorm Education director Tim Oswald said the iPad's educational potential is endless.

"It gives access to a lot of things that are there but they wouldn't have easy access to," he said.

He said the majority of ideas came from within the schools.


iPad education

School text books will soon be available as iPad apps.

At the end of 2011 over 55 million iPads had been sold.

The iPad was first released in March, 2010.