Singer-songwriter Jack McDougall has released his latest single, Negativity.
Singer-songwriter Jack McDougall has released his latest single, Negativity.

New song puts COVID-19 feelings into words

JACK McDougall has put into words what many people are feeling during the COVID-19 pandemic but with a twist.

The Sarina singer/songwriter has launched a new single titled Negativity even though the song has been designed to leave the listener with only positive thoughts.

“We are in a bad, really negative time, but I want people to know there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

“There is a line that says, ‘I need to move on from your selfish ways’ and this is true, because we can turn negativity around really quickly,” he said.

The message is particularly poignant as many people are isolating in their homes.

“We didn’t pick this song because of that, but it’s come at a really good time for a little pick-me-up for everyone,” McDougall said.

The latest release follows his top 5 charting debut, Let Me Out. The new single was written around the same time and has a similar message of escaping the negative aspects of life and turning damaging thoughts into positives.

“This song sums up how I felt at the time, and there are still days where I feel that way, which affects everyone, but this song lightens the mood,” Jack said.

“We (Jack and co-writer Peta Cherae) were throwing the word negativity around, so we thought we’d use it.

The accompanying video clip shot at George’s Diner at Airlie Beach, is Jack’s first video.

“It has that same message that it’s okay to be down, and that negativity is affecting you; you’re only human, but hopefully the song gives people the positivity they need,” he said.

The single is available through all digital retailers now for pre-order.