Fight to change adoption laws

CHANGE to Queensland's adoption laws would give blended families the recognition they deserve, says Hinchinbrook MP Nick Dametto.

The Katter's Australian Party MP is sponsoring Bushland Beach woman Leanne Davis' plight to address adult adoption and bring legislation in line with other states.

She believes her daughter should have the right to have her stepfather's name on her birth certificate but is unable to do so as Queensland is the only state or territory in the country that prohibits it.

In January, the Bulletin reported on Tiana Davis' desire to have her father's name on her birth certificate. Her mother said a change would "mean a great lot to my daughter Tiana and husband Adam".

"The current system is letting us down and unfair as this is already legalised in other states … so why is Queensland not following suit?"

Ms Davis said she knew "quite a few families" who would benefit from the law change.

"Why is the Government so afraid of changing the law for adult adoption and making this legal here in Queensland? Why should adopting an adult be prohibited when they are already legally allowed to make their own life decisions from the age of 18?"

Hetherington Family Law senior associate Elzina Ceric has previously told the Bulletin it was time to revisit the adoption legislation.


Hinchinbrook MP Nick Dametto of Katter's Australian Party. Picture: SUPPLIED
Hinchinbrook MP Nick Dametto of Katter's Australian Party. Picture: SUPPLIED


Mr Dametto said he was happy to support Ms Davis in her fight to have husband Adam recognised on her daughter Tiana's birth certificate.

"I think it gives families who find themselves in this situation not only legal recognition but a stronger bond," he said. "For instance, it might be a stepchild who has grown fond of their step-parents, an adult adoptee who has found their birth family and wishes to be adopted by them or a way to create legal inheritance rights within a relationship."

The petition, which has surpassed 300 signatures, will finish on Wednesday.

Once tabled the petition will require a government minister to respond within 30 days.

Minister for Child Safety, Youth and Women Di Farmer has previously told the Bulletin the State Government would look at the issue of adult adoptions when the Adoption Act was next reviewed in 2020.

She did not say why the legislation prohibited adult adoption.