No shoes, no shirt: Qld MPs caught out by 2.30am vote

THEY were on the clock, but were obviously not expecting to have to do too much work.

The LNP's politicians were forced from their bedrooms within Queensland Parliament after Jeff Seeney decided to demand an unexpected vote at 2.30am on Thursday.

Member for Hervey Bay Ted Sorensen was caught particularly out of sorts -- he arrived without a shirt.

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Labor MPs in the chamber can be seen erupting in cheers and laughter as the gaggle of Opposition MPs rush into the room, without shoes, jackets or long pants.

The vote was called after Mr Seeney was left off a list of speakers. When he attempted to stop the next Labor MP from speaking, it sparked a division, which required all MPs to vote.

It was all for nothing though, with the LNP losing the vote 42-32.

Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey decided to have some fun at Mr Sorensen's expense, moving a point of order on the Parliament's dress code.

"I noticed that the Member for Hervey Bay appears not to be wearing a shirt," he said.

"Is that appropriate under the standing orders?"

Sunshine Coast MP and Speaker Peter Wellington showed mercy and raised no concerns.

"For new members, when the bells are ringing, you get here as quick as you can," he said.