Karen and Jason Farrimond prior to the gas explosion two weeks ago.
Karen and Jason Farrimond prior to the gas explosion two weeks ago. Contributed

'Nugget' recovering after gas explosion burned 40% of his body

CLARE Friend from Jubilee Pocket vividly remembers the accidental gas explosion which caused significant burns to 40% of her neighbour Jason 'Nugget' Farrimond's body.

Jason, immediately jumped into the nearby pool while Mrs Friend, who is 37 weeks pregnant, screamed for her husband to come and help Jason before emergency services were able to arrive at the scene.

Jason's daughter called emergency services while Jason's wife Karyn attempted to hose down the fire until help arrived.

"I saw the gas explosion and screamed, I yelled for my partner to help, he ran from the shower and luckily Nugget had jumped in the pool, my partner waited with him until emergency services arrived and talked to him to stop him going into shock," she said.

"He didn't leave his side until the ambulance took him."

Emergency services swiftly took Jason to Proserpine Hospital before he was airlifted to the Royal Brisbane Hospitals burns unit on September 26.

While the immediate aftermath was bleak, Jason has experienced a remarkable boost to his recovery.

Four days ago, he was able to breathe without assistance, but is still sedated and is yet to regain consciousness.

Mrs Friend said her husband Brodie and Jason actively worked together in their community on a number of projects, particularly in the aftermath of Cyclone Debbie.

The bond between the two families was a particularly special one.

"We are their neighbours and friends, we have had a gate to each other's garden since the cyclone, we are that close and we see them nearly every day," she said.

"There is currently a void, we are missing them dearly, they are a beautiful family."

Jason's wife Karyn and his two children aged 17 and 20, have put on a brave front in the aftermath of the accident.

Jason faces a long road to full recovery and is expected to spend the next two months in the burns unit and is unlikely to return to his refractory career for a significant period of time.

After being released he will be required to wear a full body suit and cotton shirt

A gofundme page has been set up to support Jason and his family, with significant medical costs to come amid a long recovery process.

More than $21,000 has been raised thus far, with the overall target of $35,000.

Mrs Friend thanked Moloko Homes for voluntarily fixing damage to paint and the fly screen free of charge as well as getting a pool cleaner to remove skin and other contaminants in the pool.