HIT: This stag didn't survive the crash.
HIT: This stag didn't survive the crash. Facebook / Clayton's Towing

Oh deer ... we have a problem

FERAL deer and the danger they pose on Tinbeerwah and Lake Macdonald roads are firmly in the sights of Noosa Council.

And they now have an ally in local water storage manager Seqwater, which has joined council to look at implementing a control strategy.

Mayor Tony Wellington, who lives at Tinbeerwah, raised concerns about the deer and the road risk.

"I've seen a number of instances of deer on the road in the last two years,” he said.

Cr Joe Jurisevic said a recent accident heightened the need to address the problem and he had spoken to staff about the "ways and means”.

The Mayor said the council had lost a staff member who was "particularly adept at addressing that problem” and noted that "we built a deer trap that's been sitting at a depot”.

Cr Jurisevic wanted to see if wildlife centres would take any captured deer.

However Cr Frank Pardon said council should look at getting professional shooters in to "clean them up a bit”. The Mayor said there were a couple of crossbow hunters who killed feral deer in Tinbeerwah and took them to butchers to be dressed.

Cr Pardon also had concerns about roadside signs being obscured by vegetation and raised increasing funding in the next budget. A council officer said police had raised this as an ongoing problem.