CHRISTMAS WISH: Call an election, Prime Minister.
CHRISTMAS WISH: Call an election, Prime Minister.

OPINION: The only Christmas present we want from ScoMo

ANY attempt by the Federal Government to splutter along until an election in May will be a futile attempt at delaying its execution.

Yesterday's Newspoll confirms the Coalition is, as the former Queensland premier Anna Bligh once said, tits-up in a ditch.

The 55-45 two-party preferred result would be a wipe-out for the government if replicated at the ballot box.

Some will argue that Prime Minister Scott Morrison has time to turn the Titanic around but does anyone seriously believe that?

Pollsters didn't have their finest hour during the Brexit vote and Donald Trump's election but their form has been good in Australia in recent history, with state election wins to the Liberals in Tasmania and South Australia and Labor in Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria all predicted.

Backing this up, punters have Labor virtually unbeatable - Sportsbet yesterday had the odds of a Labor win at $1.16, with the Coalition lagging at $4.25.

So the Liberals and Nationals have no chance. Why then wait until May to be finally put out of their misery?

They've lost their majority so it's hard to imagine what they hope can be achieved by waiting so long.

Sure, January is out - too early, as Campbell Newman found out. But that leaves February, March and April as suitable dates.

ScoMo's chances slipped away long ago. He should have struck while the iron was hot.

Julia Gillard failed to capitalise on her major honeymoon and lost majority government. Kevin Rudd did the same and was sent packing after voters remembered why they wanted him gone the first time. Malcolm Turnbull held on after a flying start and paid the price with the Coalition only winning the thinnest of margins by the time he called an election.

Morrison's honeymoon is over and now the voters want the divorce.

The longer he waits, the more brutal voters will be, annoyed at the self-serving nature of the Coalition's desperate clinging to power.

While it's too late to secure a win, it's not too late for the PM to, in the interests of the nation and its future, call an election sooner rather than later.