Irukandji has been found off the coast of Fraser Island.
Irukandji has been found off the coast of Fraser Island. Contributed

OUR SAY: Irukandji find off Fraser needs to be addressed

FOR the past few summers, people have been flown off Fraser Island complaining of excruciating pain that may have resulted from irukandji stings.

Now we have confirmation that the jellyfish are indeed in our part of the world.

The question is, what's the next step?

Policing those swimming off Fraser Island could prove challenging.

Are more warning signs needed and does more information need to be provided to tourists on the island?

There is a real need to be proactive when it comes to protecting people from these venomous jellyfish.

We also need to understand why this has become a significant issue on Fraser Island each summer over the past few years - have irukandji only recently come to our waters?

Or are more people swimming off the coast of Fraser Island?

There's no need to be fearful - more lives are claimed on our roads in a week than will ever be claimed by irukandji, and medical treatment for stings is readily available.

But we still need the answers to these questions and what needs to be done.

Until then anyone swimming on Fraser needs to exercise the necessary caution.

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