Owner reveals plan for 37-lot Yamba subdivision

THE OWNER of a proposed 37-lot subdivision primarily along the Palm Lakes Resort waterfront has revealed his intentions for these small blocks should the development application pass through Clarence Valley Council.   

In September 2020, the DA 2020/0543 was submitted by Adrian Zakaras C/- Newton Denny Chapelle to Clarence Valley Council with plans for a 37-lot subdivision and two buildings to the north.   

The application diagram shows over 30 small parcels of land sectioned off between the waterfront and adjoining properties around Newport Island Circuit down to Arakoon Court, which,  land owner Bob Morrison said has caused confusion among residents.

The proposed 37-lot subdivision for Orion Drive, Yamba DA 2020/0543.
The proposed 37-lot subdivision for Orion Drive, Yamba DA 2020/0543. Contributed

"None of them have (right of) access to the water and a few have put a small jetty on the waterfront not realising that it was privately owned right along the back of all their houses," owner Bob Morrison said.    

"So what we've done is subdivided the lots across the back of the house, offering every house owner that lot. In buying that, I give them right of access to the lake. For the first time ever they will be able to put a boat in the water from their jetty and go out to the river."  

But what if homeowners refuse to purchase the small block of land?  

"If anyone doesn't buy it I will just retain it, but as a realestate agent said, if they bought that area and then turned their house into a water-accessible waterfront it probably adds more value to the property," Mr Morrison said.   

The development application is currently under review with Clarence Valley Council.