Palaszczuk concerned about schoolies amid bikie gang ban

QUEENSLAND Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk fears if criminal motorcycle gangs are outlawed from one area they will just move somewhere else, including to regional centres across the state.

The State Government is in the process of drafting tough new laws in a bid to rid the state of criminal motorcycle gangs once and for all.

Premier Campbell Newman announced a $5 million war chest designed to reward people who dob in bikies to Crime Stoppers.

Ms Palaszczuk said on Friday she was willing to work with the State Government in tackling the escalating situation.

"I want to work constructively with the Newman Government in relation to this issue," she said.

"But, I want the full facts, the full information and the full details.

"I have been told absolutely nothing."

Ms Palaszczuk said the Opposition would not hold up the legislation, which is expected to be introduced into State Parliament on October 15, but she wants it to go through the correct procedures.

"I want to see the legislation before it is brought into parliament," she said.

"Not only do I want to see it, I demand that it goes through the committee process.

"We do not want it to be rushed through.

"We do not want to see any news laws being challenged in the high court.

"We need to get this right."

Ms Palaszczuk said she had concerns about the thousands of schoolies who are about to descend onto the Gold Coast given the current situation.

"On one hand you have the police minister saying we have this huge crisis on the Gold Coast, but then on Friday he is saying everything is fine and everything is safe."

A spokeswoman for Premier Campbell Newman said the crackdown on criminal motorcycle gangs was occurring throughout the state and the Gold Coast was by and large a safe and secure place.

"The government's actions, including additional police resources, tough new anti-racketeering laws and extra funding for rewards relating to information about criminal gangs, will make it even safer for residents and visitors alike," she said.