Study shows importance of teens eating dinner with family

NUTRITION experts are urging Bundaberg families with teens to recognise the importance of family meal-time, as recent research shows only 37% of families with teens are eating together on a daily basis.

The research also found parents of 12 to 17-year-olds are concerned about their children's diets, with 64% stating they want their children to eat more fruit.

The Australian Pineapples Family Nutrition Report surveyed 510 Aussie parents about eating habits and the report focused on parental influence on family eating habits and behaviour around fresh fruit.

"The importance of family meal time is not only about the opportunity to provide a nutritional meal at the table, but instils healthy eating habits and social confidence for life," nutritionist Joanna McMillan said.

"Teenagers are often busy with after-school activities, social engagements, sports and study, but there needs to be an emphasis on family meal time to make sure they are getting the foods their bodies need.

"Fresh fruits should be an integral part of a teen's diet - although it can be hard to get them to eat it straight from the bowl, being creative with dinners they love can make all the difference in their mental and physical wellbeing."