VIRAL SIGHTS: Social influencers, bloggers and filmakers Michael Quinn and Alivia Latimer visited the Whitsundays.
VIRAL SIGHTS: Social influencers, bloggers and filmakers Michael Quinn and Alivia Latimer visited the Whitsundays. Tamera Francis

Passionate travellers explore a different Whitsundays

PROSERPINE is a long way from glitz and glamour of LA, but that is precisely why two well established photographers and social media influencers took the trip down under.

Cheap flights and endless photo opportunities was all it took to lure film director Michael Quinn and blogger Alivia Latimer to far north Queensland.

It's not the Great Barrier Reef or Whitehaven Beach they are looking for, but the almost untapped local treasures of the region these two adventurers are looking to showcase to their combined following of over 100,000.

Tourism Whitsundays has provided the strictly platonic friends with a travel itinerary that would satisfy the wanderlust of any adventurer for a while.

In late 2016 the pair met through Instagram after Michael slid into Alivia's messages asking for advice and inspiration on what to do on his adventure to Iceland after seeing her trip to the country unfold on social media.

After coffee and a few group trips the pair are a team of talented, travelling nomads, Michael based in LA and Alivia now based in Portland, Oregon.

"I started over and my social media side of work exploded since moving to Portland,” she said.

Michael said his priority was to always travel first and then create content whilst on the road.

Life as an influencer isn't all about being paid to travel and promote brands, it's about telling a story about something you're passionate for; Michael and Alvia's passion was conveyed over the table at lunch in Proserpine.

Graze cafe was the perfect location for the meeting turned social lunch as Alivia, a vegan, was able to order straight from the menu and Michael in need of a post-flight energy hit, tried and loved the local legend Mr Bean.

"Being a light and promoting products you believe in is so important,” Alivia said.

"For me it's all about inspiring people to travel and explore uncharted territory, not make them want to do what I do or tell them what they should say,” Michael said.

Some of Alivia's recent clients include LUSH Cosmetics, Alaska Airlines and Hollister.

Michael admits that Alivia is the social media whizz, but his following of just under 20000 and incredible photographic journal are enough to make even a homebody book a ticket across the globe.

Whilst in the Whitsundays the pair will take a trip on the Camera, a scenic flight over the region, but the part of the trip they are most keen for is finding the local spots.

"We'll definitely be back, I can't believe I drove right passed this place on my last trip to Australia, there is so much exploring to be done,” Michael said.