He’s probably more at home on the worksite than the internet, but that hasn’t stopped 85-year-old Clive Berghofer joining Facebook.

After joining the social media site on February 28, the Toowoomba developer and philanthropist has already amassed 573 followers.

In one of his first posts, Mr Berghofer raised the issue of the proposed quarantine hub for returning travellers at Wellcamp Airport, and his petition against it.

“Generally, (Premier Annastacia) Palaszczuk has done a remarkable job of keeping the virus out, especially when you compare us to other states,” he wrote.

“However it is my belief that by housing such a major quarantine hub here, we put this all in jeopardy.”

Mr Berghofer said statistics showed it was likely that one in every 90 travellers entering on a quarantine-bound plane was carrying COVID-19.

“That means that it is possible that on just one inbound plane, there could be multiple people infected,” he said.

“Having that amount of potentially sick people on the doorstep of one of the most elderly populations in Queensland is not a risk that I, nor most of the community wish to take.”

Mr Berghofer also pointed to other concerns – the potential economic impacts on motels and business of having a quarantine facility in the region, and how it could affect the property market.

“The fact is that the majority of those seeking to come to Australia want to go to the major cities. Toowoomba is hence plainly inconvenient for the traveller and our community,” Mr Berghofer said.

“If we keep things the way they are, it benefits everyone involved, except those seeking to make capital from the Wellcamp facility.”

Mr Berghofer said he had great respect for the Wagner family – and would even consider Denis Wagner “a friend”.

“Projects such as the Wellcamp entertainment precinct, I support,” he said.

“However, I will never agree with something which I believe is detrimental to the city.

The fact is that in my eyes, the Wellcamp quarantine proposal offers more risk than reward for our community.”

To sign Mr Berghofer’s petition you can click here.

Originally published as Philanthropist Clive Berghofer joins Facebook to fight quarantine hub