Police were busy around Evans head on the weekend.
Police were busy around Evans head on the weekend. Kevin Farmer

POLICE BLITZ: Are they revenue raising, or saving lives?

DID you know that only nine days into 2017 five lives have been lost on NSW roads?

That's five lives more than should be the case.

It's one more life than at this time last year.

Of those five lives, there are parents, children, siblings, cousins, friends and acquaintances that will all feel the shock and pain of those people not coming home, to work or even the regular drink at the pub.

We have all been on the roads where we've seen that speeding car go past us and silently curse asking "where are the police when we need them?".

We've all read the stories of drunk drivers causing death and injury where many an innocent person has ended up a quadri/paraplegic for the rest of their lives.

Inconsiderate drivers cost our communities more than just money to the health system.

So when people get on Facebook and complain police are out in force and simply revenue raising, it makes my blood spike above room temperature.

Over the recent weekend at Evans Head, police were literally everywhere.

The blue and red sirens were working overtime as crowds came to join in the Great Eastern Fly In at the Evans Head aerodrome.

A warning went out on a local Facebook page that there was a police blitz and inevitably the critics, with accusations of revenue raising, came out.

It heartened me to see there were also those who supported the police work, many saying they felt safer knowing they were busy stopping the speeders, the drinkers and the drug users.

As one wise person posted, if you don't break the law, you've got nothing to worry about.