Police link 12yo to Parramatta shooter

THE head of the Australian Federal Police has warned that the threat of terrorism in Australia is getting worse, after confirmation that a 12-year-old is among a group of radicalised youth on the police radar in connection with the Parramatta shooter.

The comments by AFP Commissioner Andrew Colvin come ahead of a summit called by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that will see police and intelligence chiefs from the states and territories as well as the AFP and ASIO.

Education department chiefs have also been brought in, as part of efforts to combat extremism among young people.

It follows growing concerns about the number of young Australians being radicalised following the murder of a police employee by a 15-year-old boy Farhad Jabar.

Last night's 7.30 revealed a 12-year-old boy is being watched by police because he is part of a group of extremists who may have helped the 15-year-old shooter.

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