Those planning to protest on Keswick Island for Australia Day are being warned to prepare for a significant police presence.

A flotilla of 20 to 30 boats is expected to descend on the tropical paradise on January 26 in a show of opposition to the island’s Chinese management.

This action is separate to an Australia Day protest organised by Former One Nation candidate for Whitsunday, Deb Lawson, which was cancelled because of safety and planning issues.

Keswick Island Reclaim Aussies Rights Facebook page administrator Jack Spratt said he planned to take part in the flotilla on Australia Day.

“There will be at least 20 to 30 boats on the island across the day,” Mr Spratt said.

“We’re still going to take our stand on the sand.”

Keswick Island. Picture: Belinda McMahon/Stormybeachbelle
Keswick Island. Picture: Belinda McMahon/Stormybeachbelle

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A Queensland Police spokesman confirmed there would be a police presence on Keswick Island on January 26.

“Water Police have been requested to attend by Mackay Police,” the spokesman said.

Tensions have erupted on the island between the head lease owner China Bloom and residents who claim access to their homes is being restricted.

The Daily Mercury contacted China Bloom for comment on the protest, but did not receive a response by deadline.

An aerial image of Keswick Island. Picture: JewelZee
An aerial image of Keswick Island. Picture: JewelZee

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