Police remind four-wheel drivers of trespassing after increase in offences.
Police remind four-wheel drivers of trespassing after increase in offences.

Police see spike in trespassing across region

WHILE exploring the region has been encouraged amid wider travel restrictions, trespassing is still off the cards.

Over the past three months, police have seen an increase in trespassing offences in the Norval Park Beach and Miara areas.

Senior Constable Brittany Duncan said offenders have accessed property owned by a private company and used four-wheel drive winches to move fence posts, bollards and signs to gain access.

She said a significant amount of damage has been caused including damage to sand dunes by these vehicles.

Officer in Charge of South Kolan Police Station Sergeant Matthew Swan said police were working closely with property owners to stop these types of offences.

"I would like to remind residents that four-wheel driving activity on private land is prohibited and a trespassing offence," Sgt Swan said.

"We are asking community members to be careful and ensure that they are not accessing private property during their four-wheel drive trips."

People caught trespassing in the area can be liable to a maximum penalty of 20 penalty units or one year imprisonment.

Property owners are encouraged to contact Policelink if they do find someone trespassing on their land.

The Bundaberg region contains many exciting and challenging areas for four-wheel driving that are permitted for public use.

For more information regarding four-wheel drive areas, visit http://www.bundaberg4wdclub.com/.




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