BALLOT TIME: Scenes outside the Dawson pre-polling booth in the Mackay CBD.
BALLOT TIME: Scenes outside the Dawson pre-polling booth in the Mackay CBD. Emma Murray

Political apathy high among pre-poll voters

THREE donkey votes, three people unable to remember who they voted for and two people who voted for "Greg".

That was in one hour of the many hours Daily Mercury journalists have spent talking to voters outside polling booths and around town the past two weeks.

We can only assume the people who voted for "Greg" were confusing incumbent Dawson MP George Christensen with Mayor Greg Williamson but it's hard to say.

That was Wednesday last week. On Wednesday this week, one male Dawson voter told reporter Zizi Averill "to be honest I put it in completely randomly".

"I'm not sure who got my vote," he said.

A Capricornia voter also said she could not remember who received her vote

"I just do it because I have to. I think I voted Greens," she said.

In the same hour, three other voters admitted they could not remember who they had voted for. Another told reporter Rainee Shepperson: "I really don't know who I voted for, I just put numbers everywhere."

The level of political apathy is high. But there remains concern some parts of the electorates are being neglected.

You only have to drive a few kilometres south or west from the Mackay CBD and you leave Dawson for Capricornia.

One Walkerston voter was frustrated about her representation in Capricornia.

"No one represents Walkerston. Why are we in Capricornia? It's all Rocky-based," she said.

One man and his son from Dawson said they had voted for Mr Christensen because of his support for mining.

"If they shut down the mines I would worry about his (son's) future. I want him to work in the mines," the dad said.

One voter said "always George" while another said "Well I definitely didn't vote for Manila", referring to Christensen's travel to the Philippines.

Independent Lachlan Queenan's father was handing out how-to-vote cards with success.

One Dawson voter who voted for Queenan in Mackay said: "As soon as I heard he was his boy, I had to vote for him".

A Bowen voter said he believed "we need an independent voice for our region in Canberra" after voting for Queenan.

Belinda Hassan's mother has also been seen on the campaign trail, handing out how-to-votes with fellow Labor volunteers.

In Bowen, one voter said: "George (Christensen) does a great job for Bowen and has my vote".

But A Katter's Australian Party voter said: "George has been in too long, it's time for a change".

Another voter in Mackay said: "I always vote for the person, not the party. If I like the person and know them, they will get my vote. I think it's always good if you know your member personally".