EXPLORING: British backpackers Hannah Flint and Sean Ryan soak up the sun in the Whitsundays.
EXPLORING: British backpackers Hannah Flint and Sean Ryan soak up the sun in the Whitsundays. Jacob Wilson

Pommies just going with the flow

THERE aren't too many places in the world that boast the beautiful sunny weather of the Whitsundays.

This is one of the many things that has drawn backpackers from far and wide to see the best of what Airlie Beach and the broader region have to offer.

English tourists Hannah and Sean have seen this for themselves, embarking on a trip along the east coast of Australia after hearing all about it from their friends.

And when they return home, they will be sure to pass on the message about this beautiful tropical paradise.

How long have you been in Airlie Beach?

Hannah: We got here on Friday. We are here for about a week.

What do you like most about the Whitsundays?

Sean: It is really chilled out and nice.

Hannah: We love the weather, it is chill and everyone is nice.

What is your favourite attraction?

Hannah: The lagoon, it is nice in there. We will also be going over to the islands on the boat on Tuesday. We will be doing the whole lot over three days and two nights.

What are your plans while you are in Australia?

Hannah: We were working and living in Sydney and we have been living in Australia for almost six months now. Now we are doing an east coast trip all the way up to Cairns. Altogether we will be in Australia for six months.

What would be your top travel tip for people visiting the Whitsundays?

Sean: Don't plan much, just do whatever you want.

Hannah: Yes, just go with the flow. It is easy to just get a camper and drive.

What is the weirdest thing you have found about Australia?

Sean: It would have to be drinking shots at the bar.

Hannah: Yeah, you are not allowed to take your shots away, you have to drink them at the bar.

What are some similarities and differences between Australia and England?

Sean: Just the weather, England is really


Would you recommend to your friends to come and visit?

Hannah: A lot of them are already here anyway, a few friends have travelled here and done it and are still here. They made us do it. So I would recommend it.