PARTY ON: Krischan Michaelis aka Krischvn, Nathan Edwards, Clinton Jamieson, Damien Williams aka Hydraulix celebrate the Tuckshop ft. Hydraulix & Krischvn Hidden Launch Party
PARTY ON: Krischan Michaelis aka Krischvn, Nathan Edwards, Clinton Jamieson, Damien Williams aka Hydraulix celebrate the Tuckshop ft. Hydraulix & Krischvn Hidden Launch Party Ryley Ellison Photography

Popular club night graduates grade one

ONE of Mackay's most popular club nights is turning one.

It's been a big year for TUCKSHOP, and organisers Clinton Jamieson and Nathan Edwards have come a long way.

There have been ups and downs as the friends learned to move their relationship from the personal to professional, but they have now worked out the kinks to create a seamless show that attracts the attention of Mackay's party people.

Clinton said, for him, a lot of the changes had come in terms of production for the events.

"We receive fantastic support from our fans, and have learnt lots of new techniques and skills to provide the best experience possible,” he said.

Co-organiser Nathan said he was thrilled with where the pair are 12 months on.

"We couldn't be happier with the progress made in the past 12 months. Since our first show with Hydraulix this time last year until now we've received more support for these events than we could have dreamed of,” he said.

Asked to share some of their most memorable experiences over the years, Clinton said he felt TUCKSHOP had really changed some people's lives for the better.

"One of the artists that came along for a show was going through a really tough time, but through meeting all our crew, other artists and community they turned the weekend into a positive experience and ended up having a great weekend,” he said.

For a team that started out with a passion for good music and good equipment, a memorable achievement was pairing up with one of Townsville's biggest events, The Grass is Greener.

"To transform the beer garden of McGuire's into a festival-ready stage for Herobust, that would be the proudest we've been of a show so far,” he said.

Clinton and Nathan have bought more than 25 electronic music artists to the region in the past 12 months including shows like Liquid Stranger and Thieves and Don't Care, but the pair can't agree on a favourite.

"My favourite artist is definitely Svdden Death, which is our upcoming event,” said Nathan.

"I've got a couple,” Clinton added.

"Macey Cherry was absolutely insane, really knows what she's doing when it comes to heavy music, and my inbox gets blown up every time she comes back.

"Hydraulix is up there, he always throws down an incredible set with lots of different styles and really creates an atmosphere when he DJs (and) Truth just because his style is so deep and intricate,” he said.

There were many challenges for the pair, who had never organised such a regular event before, but it wasn't all bad, with Clinton and Nathan both agreeing they are grateful for the learning experience.

Nathan said he believes that as long as you are transparent and communicate properly then it's easy to circumnavigate an impending disaster.

"The hardest thing has probably been the time (or lack thereof) to get everything done. Clinton and I both work full-time.

"Then, for myself, I fly up from Brisbane to attend every event but it's a good way to see my family more as well since moving to Brisbane five years ago for work,” he said

Not everything can be fixed with time management skills though, and Clinton recalls that his worst experience was waiting for a DJ to arrive at the airport.

"The worst thing was having Twirl, Dimes and Moss all stuck in a holding pattern over Proserpine airport, whilst we had torrential rain in the area.

"They couldn't land in Mackay and the airline indicated they were going to land in Proserpine, so we had lined up someone to jump in their car and go pick them up. At the last minute the plane diverted to Mackay and they managed to land, the headliners all played quite late, but we still had a massive crowd for them,” he said.

Into the future, the duo is looking forward to continuing the professional relationship, and they know the lessons aren't over yet.

"TUCKSHOP isn't always super smooth. Nathan and I have faced a lot of interpersonal, financial and artistic differences we've had to overcome,” Clinton said.

"I'm glad that we've both gone through developing a business relationship between one another, (had) so many opportunities arising from what we do in Mackay, having been involved in two events in Brisbane, events in Townsville and creating another brand.

"We've learnt how to work effectively as a team and really kick some goals together.”

Catch TUCKSHOP'S first birthday on June 29 from 9pm at Cartel Nightclub.