James Percy, left, and Ben Stratton in Potted Potter.
James Percy, left, and Ben Stratton in Potted Potter. Tony Kinlan

Potted Potter review: Harry Potter mash-up a laugh a minute

COMBINING all seven Harry Potter books into a 70-minute show and keeping an audience in stitches for the entire time seems almost impossible.

But it's what English blokes Ben Stratton and James Percy achieved in a Harry Potter parody touring the country.

If you know your quaffles from your golden snitches, then Potted Potter is sure to get you laughing.

But even if you can't recite the Harry Potter books back to front, you're still in for an entertaining show.

The boys go through the basic storyline of all seven books, using a pool of basic wigs and hats to portray different characters, and use a variety of jokes and pranks to suit all ages and humour.

Basic lighting and one smoke machine may not seem like much but when used well you don't notice the lack of high-tech special effects.

All you focus on is the entertaining script and improvisation skills.

There were moments the lads cracked themselves up with laughter. In a prank, Ben threw water in James' face, which went up his nose.

Most would assume it was deliberate when Ben tried eating chocolate that was softer than usual and it melted all over his face.

But not by the look of James' face, who couldn't contain his laughter.

Whether these were scripted or not, the lads bounced off each other well - James with his geeky love of Harry Potter and need to impress and the wild Ben, who hadn't read the books but threw in references to Scooby Doo, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia and Twilight.

Potted Potter was created in 2005 by Dan Clarkson and Jefferson Turner who were asked to create a five-minute street show recapping the first five Harry Potter books to entertain fans waiting hours in line to purchase the sixth book.

By 2007 the show grew in popularity and started touring the UK, with the help of director Richard Hurst.

It has since toured America, Canada and Ireland and is currently showing at the Brisbane Powerhouse until November 16. Tickets from $59.60.