Premier's electricity rebate offer to offset 'cash grab'

YOUR SAY: I see the Queensland Premier, a past government asset seller, is going to give us all $50 to help offset her electricity-generating cash grab that will continue unabated into the future.

Or will it?

We now know that Bill Shorten is going to close 15 coal-fired electricity generators Australia-wide if he wins the next federal election.

What will the Queensland Premier do if Shorten closes her two- government-owned coal-fired generators?

Based on Mr Shorten's threats, Queensland would have been far better off selling these generators and using the sale proceeds to pay down debt.

At present all Labor is going to do is close them down for no financial benefit to Queensland and that includes the dividends that will cease once the generators close.

When are we going to see the financial modelling if this happens? If coal-fired power stations are closed in other states, then at least the state taxpayers are not exposed.

In Queensland we will cop it in the neck on two fronts, very high electricity costs and taxes. And why? Because of infantile decision-making in Federal and Queensland Labor.

JOHN FRIEND, Toowoomba