Premier’s reason for latest hospital ramping crisis

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Health Minister Steven Miles have defended the latest hospital crisis revealed by The Courier-Mail, saying there is an "unprecedented" situation that has led to patients being treated in hallways as they wait for beds.

She and Health Minister Steven Miles today defended the services being delivered at the PA Hospital and by paramedics after The Courier-Mail obtained secret photos showing ramping at the hospital.

"It's actually happening right across Australia," Ms Palaszczuk said.

"We are seeing an unprecedented flu season that is putting enormous pressure on our emergency departments.

"A lot of people with very serious illnesses are presenting at ED as well. We want those most serious issues to come to the ED.

"If it is a minor issue we do want to stress to the public to go and see your GP in the first instance."


Ambulance officers at the PA Hospital.
Ambulance officers at the PA Hospital.


Mr Miles said it should be the LNP who should apologise for talking down the state's doctors, nurses and paramedics.

"It shouldn't surprise anyone that our hospitals are particularly busy right now," he said, pointing to the unfolding flu crisis. .

"Our winter beds strategy though is proving effective at ensuring that there is supply and capacity within the hospital system right now.

"It's not fair to use a single photo and try to assess a hospital's performance based on that image.

"That's why we release every month very comprehensive data about all of our hospitals and the PA Hospital where I understand that photo was taken, the median wait time there last month was just 15 minutes.

"100 per cent of category one patients were seen within two minutes.

"It is unfair I think of the Opposition to be criticising the hard work of our doctors and nurses. We have the best health system in the world."

He said paramedics across Queensland had dealt with 5000 "code one" phone calls in the last four days.

"Just because the LNP says there is a problem doesn't mean that there is one. Our hospitals are coping very well with what is an extraordinary level of demand."