Premiers to meet in Sydney on budget slashing

THE PREMIER has revealed plans to meet with state and territory leaders following the Federal Governments decision to carve an $80 million dollar hole in the state health and education budget.

In an announcement at the Royal Brisbane Women's hospital Thursday morning Premier Campbell Newman said the group planned to discuss the next step in the clash between the states and the commonwealth.

"We'll be talking about the problems that have been essentially laid on the table by the Commonwealth and we'll be coming up with a clear course of action and position in terms of what the States and territories need to see happen," Mr Newman said.

The Premier also expressed his wishes to explore the bureaucracy behind the federal governments management over the state health and education system.

"What are they doing (federal government) if the PM is saying, you know, the States are the ones who run health and education?," he said.

"Let's define who does what. Let's clearly define who has the various responsibilities, then let the Federal Government do what they should be doing, let the States do what they should be doing and then exit those areas that have formed the overlap and the waste and inefficiency," he said.

The anti-bureaucracy movement has been a constant theme throughout the Newman Governments changes to health over the Past two years.

It was only last year Health Minister Lawrence Springborg introduced the local Hospital and Health Boards as part of the Government's drive against centralised decision making.

"No longer do we have the dead hand of central control," Mr Springborg said on Thursday.

The State and territory leaders and first Ministers will meet in Sydney this Sunday to discuss their next course of action against the Federal Government.