A man has been given probation for jumping out at cars in the dark.
A man has been given probation for jumping out at cars in the dark. serggn

Probation for jumping in front of cars

A MAN who was jumping out at cars in the dark at Mount Marlow in December has been put on nine months' probation.

Luke Robert Taylor, 34, of Brandy Creek, pleaded guilty in Proserpine Magistrates Court last week to committing a public nuisance (domestic violence offence) and obstructing a police officer.

Prosecutor Robert Beamish told the court police responded to numerous calls from motorists reporting a man dressed in black jumping out at cars on Shute Harbour Rd in Mount Marlow at 10.30pm on December 14.

Mr Beamish said at least one motorist reported seeing Taylor jump out at a car, hit it and launch a tirade of abuse at the occupants.

He also said Taylor had been calling his partner and telling her he was going to kill himself.

When police arrived, they were forced to search the long grass on the side of the road and call out to Taylor, Mr Beamish said.

The court heard police only found him when he threw a rock and yelled at his partner who was with them.

Taylor's solicitor Danny Yarrow said his client had been at a Christmas party that night and had drunk "copious amounts of alcohol and was very intoxicated”.

"He instructs he doesn't drink a lot of alcohol,” Mr Yarrow said.

He also told the court Taylor got anti-depressants the next day.

In sentencing Taylor to probation, magistrate Ron Muirhead described his behaviour as "extremely stupid”.