ROTTING eggs, filth, garbage, broken doors and a destroyed sink.

Julie Beel said she was shocked when she arrived at her Midge Point property to find her departing tenant had allegedly left the house in tatters.

"I've got a shell basically, you might as well gurney the whole lot," she said. "There is human (faeces) everywhere. It is disgraceful."

The former Bloomsbury resident, who travelled north from her new home in Gladstone early yesterday morning, claimed she had dealt with the tenant from hell for almost 18 months in the private rental.

In the midst of trying to clean up the house yesterday, Ms Beel said she regretted giving the woman so many chances.

She claimed the house was messy and dirty during every inspection and she had asked the tenant countless times to clean up but it had never happened.



Four months ago, Ms Beel travelled to Midge Point for a routine inspection, with eviction notice in hand, but said the tenant begged for more time.

She said while she could have taken the tenant to court to challenge her extension request, they would have ended up in a months-long legal battle.

"Tenants have all the rights over the owner of the property, I don't get it," she said.

On Tuesday night, the tenant finally left.

"I have no kitchen sink, there's cupboards without doors … air conditioners on the ground," Ms Beel said.

The owner claimed that when she entered the shed on the property yesterday there was so much garbage and "rotting" furniture she could not move around.

Julie Beel at her Midge Point home.
Julie Beel at her Midge Point home. Tony Martin

Ms Beel also claimed the tenant was often behind on rent, but said she had given her the benefit of the doubt when she eventually caught up. Now, the property owner said, she was owed about $2500.

She said she had struggled to get help from the police due to lack of proof, and does not have the insurance required to cover the damage.

"I've only got fire and cyclone insurance," Ms Beel said.

The tenant, who was contacted for comment, disputed Ms Beel's claims but declined to comment further.