Alpaca killer walks out of the Caboolture Magistrates Court.
Alpaca killer walks out of the Caboolture Magistrates Court. Vicki Wood

Prosecutor calls for 'actual jail time' over alpaca bashing

A PROSECUTOR has submitted to Queensland's highest court that alpaca cruelty at Caboolture High School last year was "terrible conduct" which deserved actual jail time.

Wayne Charles Hartwig, 19, was jailed for six months for the brutal bashing, which left one alpaca dead and the other so injured it had to be euthanised, but was released on immediate parole.

The Attorney-General sought the sentence appeal, arguing the sentence was manifestly inadequate and did not meet community expectations.

Crown prosecutor Michael Byrne said the attack was sustained for 30 minutes and involved a degree of deliberation.

Mr Byrne said Hartwig and his juvenile co-offender used rocks, a hose and a metal pole to repeatedly beat the animals in the school grounds.

He said when one of the animals tried to get to its feet, they beat it back to the ground.

Mr Byrne said they left at least one the animals alive and suffering before they fled.

He said it was a feckless crime and that meaningless conduct resulted in little sympathy for their sentencing fate.

Mr Byrne submitted the sentencing magistrate was overly influenced in parity considerations with the younger co-offender.

The juvenile was sentenced to the maximum 12 months probation, 80 hours community service and banned from caring for animals for two years.

Barrister Craig Chowdhury, acting for Hartwig, said parity principles were not irrelevant, that the pair acted as badly as each other.

He said his client had been on parole ever since the sentence and court reports indicated rehabilitation requirements were working.

The Court of Appeal has reserved its judgment.