Jenny and John Cameron.
Jenny and John Cameron.

'Prove the human brain functions properly on vegan diet'

IF JENNY Moxham and Diane Cornelius (The Gympie Times, April 18, 2017) want to prove that the human brain functions properly on a vegan diet, they can provide answers to the following questions that arise if all animal farming ceased, (as they want):


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The war of words continues between vegans and local letter writers.

How will billions of farm animals be cared for when they have no owners and no homes? How will you stop them from dying horrible deaths from dog attacks, disease etc?

With a world shortage of arable land, how can enough vegetable crops be grown to support the ever increasing human population? Is mass starvation an option?

How do you stop the massive increase in deaths of insects (including bees), spiders, small animals and birds when the increased area of beans, lentils etcetera (that) have to be heavily sprayed to try to provide enough food for humans, or don't small creatures count as "earthlings"?

If Ms Moxham and Ms Cornelius can provide logical, practical answers to these questions, or if they admit their ideology causes insurmountable problems and back off from attacking animal farming, then we will accept that vegans can think logically.


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The Camerons farm.

It is all very well to want a perfect world, but that is another oxymoron. We didn't say that farm animals lead idyllic lives, (nobody does). We said that our cows are contented.

Apparently years of watching Disney style programs has muddled the thinking of some people who now try to humanise animals.


PLENTIFUL: There are plenty of delicious vegan, gluten-free and raw food products available at the Mullum Farmers Market.
The war of words continues between vegans and local letter writers. Kate O'Neill

Human and animal instincts are quite different.

Cows loaded on trucks don't know where they are going.

Every day, cows are trucked to other farms, to agistment properties, shows and sales. Only that nameless ex-dairy farmer knew where his cows were going.

Once again, don't criticise farming until you visit a farm and see for yourselves, our farm is always open to visitors.

John & Jenny Cameron,

"Woop Woop",

Lagoon Pocket.