HI, my name is Coen and I'm a young train enthusiast and I'm 9-years-old.

On January 20, 2015 my mum suggested we go to Queensland Rail's 150th anniversary, so we got in the car and drove to Gladstone Railway Station.

Firstly, the steam train pulled in at the station, then everybody got off the train and there were hundreds of people there to enjoy the event.

They had afternoon tea for everybody, there was a band and the Gladstone Model Railway Group with their model trains.

It was a really fun event.

I really enjoyed it and I took lots of pictures.

Me and my little brother Arlie (2-years-old, nearly 3) had a few photos together in front of the train. I got a video of the train pulling in as well.

If you went to the Queensland Rail 150th anniversary I hope you enjoyed it too.

Or if you are going to or have been on the train for a ride, I also hope you will enjoy it or have enjoyed it!

Thank you to all of Queensland Rail who helped put all this time and effort into renovating, refurbishing, driving, running, operating and helping out with the train.

Thank you for making this event so anybody can enjoy it! I hoped you enjoyed my story, Than you so much!