Race to track Uluru flights behind multiple national cases

THREE Uluru flights linked to interstate coronavirus cases have been added to the New South Wales and Queensland Health contact tracing lists.

Some passengers on Jetstar flight JQ660 from Sydney to the Uluru airport at Yulara on Sunday, March 15 have been told to self-isolate for 14 days and will be urged to contact a doctor immediately if unwell.

NSW Health recently put out an alert for passengers on the flight seating in close contact in rows eight to 12.

They are also tracing a Virgin Airlines flight VA1628 from Uluru to Sydney on Monday, March 16.

In Queensland, the health authorities are tracing passengers who flew on the same Virgin flight VA1628 from Uluru to Sydney the following day on Tuesday, March 17.

The NT News contacted NT Health to ask if they were also tracing anyone who may have come into contact with passengers on those flights while they were in the Territory.

"The NT Health Department has commenced or completed all relevant flights contact tracing relating to Yulara, this did not include JQ660, VA1628 or VA1628," a spokeswoman said.

"Contact tracing was already being conducted on those flights by other states.

"It's normal operating procedure for states and territories to share contact tracing and work together."

The only flight NT Health are tracing at the Yulara airport at the moment is Jetstar flight JQ664 from Melbourne to Yulara on March 22.

It was the flight that a Harts Range police officer and his wife were on before they went home and tested positive for coronavirus last Thursday.


Due to the high number of coronavirus cases in NSW and Queensland, neither of their health departments were able to provide the NT News with details on positive cases linked to the JQ660, VA1628 or VA1628 flights.

The NT had confirmed 14 positive cases of coronavirus as of Sunday night.

Originally published as Race to track Uluru flights