Whitsunday Raiders vs Slade point at Whitsunday Sportspark on Saturday afternoon.
Whitsunday Raiders vs Slade point at Whitsunday Sportspark on Saturday afternoon. Jessica Lamb

Raiders robbed of victory during loss to Slade Point

RUGBY UNION: Still feeling the effects of lack of match time due to earlier forfeits, the Whitsunday Raiders faced off against Slade Point in a nail-biter at the Whitsunday Sportspark on Saturday afternoon.

After the Raiders scored a drop goal and a penalty goal, the teams were tied 6-all until a past-time penalty saw the hard-fought match go 9-6 to Slade Point.

Player/coach Andre Houston said the game was in balance and could have gone either way.

"This turned out to be an aggressive game defensively; we were being aggressive but lacked direction in attack when we had the ball in our hands," he said.

With a few new players from the UK in the team's arsenal this week, Houston also gave credit to the club's up-and-coming young bloods who "made the opposition recognise who they were".

"They gave some good solid tackles, and it was great to see the new breed of Raiders step up on the weekend," he said.

"All in all - for us with just two weeks game experience as opposed to Slade Point's five games - it was a good result."


Centre partners Sam Harries and Sam Cornish played an exceptional game, controlling the game in their attack of the outside opposition centres and wingers.

"They really put their bodies on the line in a big way on the weekend, they aren't big boys but they held themselves quite high," Houston said.

Next weekend the Raiders will take on the Bowen Mudcrabs in Bowen and will be preparing for another big game.

"We aren't going to drop our guard because they are on the lower part of the table," Houston said.

"We will be ready for a good game."

The club is also on the look-out for volunteer first aiders to give up a few hours of their time for home games at Whitsunday Sportspark.

If you are able to assist please contact the Whitsunday/Proserpine Rugby Union Club on Facebook.