Rainy weather is expected in the Mackay region on Friday. Picture: File
Rainy weather is expected in the Mackay region on Friday. Picture: File

Rain on the way with falls of 50mm possible: Bureau

OUR sunny skies will descend into rainy weather on Thursday and Friday but should clear up by the weekend.

The next two days should be clear with 23-25C near the coast and 28-29C inland.

The Bureau of Meteorology says an upper low is extending a trough through Central Queensland that will sweep eastward as a surface trough runs parallel to the coast, over the Whitsunday islands and up to Bowen.

Meteorologist Lauren Pattie said that trough was deepening and, combined with the upper system, would result in increased showers and the odd thunderstorm on Friday.

"The storms are more likely south west of Mackay itself. We don't expect them to go too far north," she said.

"The coalfields - Moranbah, Clermont and Dysart - have a better chance of seeing a storm.

"But the trough system is quite quick moving. They might get 5-10mm but one place might get 25mm.


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"The rainfall depends a little bit on the position of the surface trough but it does look like places along the coastal fringe near Mackay should get 20-50mm.

"Any 50mm+ falls will be more isolated, 20mm will be more common on that fringe.

"The further inland you go, the less widespread that rainfall amount will be and the less the totals."

Ms Pattie said some of that weather system could linger around in the early hours of Saturday morning but it should clear off the coast to sunny skies for the weekend and next week.

She said temperatures would likely drop a little on Friday but we could still expect 23-24C on the coast on Friday and then back up to 25C on the weekend, even as high as 27C in Proserpine.


We can expect sunny skies again next week.
We can expect sunny skies again next week.

"You can expect clear skies next week. The only thing to keep an eye on is drier cooler conditions," she said.

"Monday morning it could be rather cold getting up; it will be 5-6C near the coast."

The rainfall expected in the Mackay - Isaac - Whitsundays region is loosely connected to the systems moving through the southern part of the state but we should not expect the significant rainfall anticipated down south.

"Showers, rain areas and thunderstorms are forecast due to a significant upper low and trough system which enters the far south west of the state on Wednesday night and sweeps eastward on Thursday and Friday," Ms Pattie said.

"Widespread showers, rain and isolated thunderstorms are expected for the southwest, mostly the Channel Country, on Thursday.

"Some of the thunderstorms are expected to be severe with the most likely hazard being damaging wind gusts.



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"We also expect to see some heavy falls in the south, possibly a few locations will exceed their August average monthly rainfall in a 24-hour period.

"On Friday the focus shifts to the Maranoa and Warrago, the Darling Downs and southeast region.

"Some thunderstorms again expected to be severe with the most likely hazard being damaging wind gusts.

"For that southern region we expect to see widespread rainfall totals of 10-30mm with some isolated heavier falls as well.

"On Friday, the upper low causes a coastal trough to deepen near the central coast enhancing showers in this area with widespread falls of 10-30mm and isolated falls of 60mm or more.

"While the focus of the more significant rainfall and weather is in the southern part of the state, the trough system does extend northward to the tropical inland and peninsula with a few showers increasing to some fairly widespread showers for the tropical coast and also a few thunderstorms about from Friday, lingering as well into the weekend.

"The trough system clears the south and central coast on Saturday morning and cooler and drier conditions return, spreading northward across the state."