Proserpine canefarmer Lindsay Altmann has welcomed the rain that has fallen since Thursday night.
Proserpine canefarmer Lindsay Altmann has welcomed the rain that has fallen since Thursday night.

Rain welcomed by farmers hoping for more this weekend

A LOT of people jumped for joy this morning when the rain tumbled from the sky for the first time in months.

Gardeners were jubilant, cane growers clapped their hands and children splashed in puddles.

"I suppose you could say it's the start of the wet season - it's been pretty slow to get going this year - this rain will certainly help things along," Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist David Crock said.

In the 24-hours to 9am on Friday morning, Hamilton Island received 17mm of rain, Preston received 39mm and Jubilee Pocket received 20mm.

It continued to rain during Friday, with Hamilton Island going on to receive 14mm of rain throughout the day, Preston 26mm and Jubilee Pocket 37mm.

Despite the recent rain, the rainfall for December is still below average, according to Mr Crock.

"Hamilton Island airport averages 130mm for December and so far this month, there has only been 20mm, including the rain this morning, so it's still way below the average for this time of year," Mr Crock said.

"Proserpine's December average is 165mm and up until Friday morning, the town had only recorded 30mm. Before yesterday, it was almost nothing for the month."

Looking forward, Mr Crock said there were probably a couple more wet days to come.

"Maybe not quite the same amount of rain - there were very persistent showers today, one after the other, which is why the rainfall totals built up quite nicely.

"But it will remain showery until probably Sunday and then start to clear up after that."

Despite the recent dry spell, both Proserpine's and Hamilton Island's annual rainfall totals are higher than average, but this was due to the excessive rain in January and February, with 700mm falling in two weeks, Mr Crock said.

"Since then, it's been very dry - there were a couple more good rainfall totals in March and April, but since then it's hardly rained at all."

Proserpine canefarmer Lindsay Altmann said he was really pleased with the rain, with 21mm falling in his area between Thursday night and Friday.

"I would like to get 100mm over the next three to four days," Mr Lindsay, who has 140 hectares under cane at North Gregory and Strathdickie, said.

"We have bores but we have only got so much allocation - the cane gets really, really thirsty, that's the reality - so this rain is very welcome and it will make a difference if it keeps raining until Sunday, as predicted."