Cory Geisler was an inspiration to thousands of people in the Mackay community.
Cory Geisler was an inspiration to thousands of people in the Mackay community. Contributed

'Ray of light': 1000 pack into church to farewell young DJ

"The joy is in the journey. Hold your loved ones close, communicate often, smile, share, grow, love and learn together!

Life is beautiful and with the right attitude, you can accomplish and overcome anything!!! So make today a good one and spread the love! The world loves you."

- words by Cory Geisler, 19th September 2015.

In his 27 years, Cory James Geisler brought a light, passion and beacon of hope into the world that will never be matched.

His celebration of life held on November 9 saw the St Francis Xavier Catholic Church overflowing with nearly 1000 people. The huge crowd was a testament to the immense impact he had on the community of Mackay.


Cory Geisler.
The St Francis Xavier Catholic Church was overflowing with people at Cory Geisler's celebration of life on November 9. Contributed

Tears flowed, hugs were needed and memories were shared. An overwhelming number of tributes flooded social media from those who wanted to pay their respects to Cory despite not being able to attend the ceremony.

Cory was born on September 10, 1991 and lost his battle to melanoma cancer on November 4, 2018. He was a much loved son of Clive and Tracey, brother of Brittany and Connor and partner of Nadia.

Cory's mum Tracey Geisler spoke of her son's incredible strength during his final weeks.

"The diagnosis of cancer came with two main rules, stay positive and no crying" Mrs Geisler said. "So for six weeks and four days we stood together and stayed strong."

Mrs Geisler wanted Cory's friends and family to remain positive and appreciate the beauty in life, despite the sadness that comes with losing someone so special.

Cory's younger sister Brittany shared her childhood memories of a big brother she always looked up to.

"Growing up with Cory as a brother was fun, we were always outside playing in the dirt. He taught us how to give a flogging and how to take a flogging - mostly take. It was when Connor grew to six foot something that Cory and I decided we were lovers not fighters."


Cory Geisler.
FOREVER LOVED: Cory Geisler (left) with younger brother Connor Geisler and younger sister Brittany Geisler. Contributed

A love of music, talent as a DJ and passion for changing the world is what Cory will be remembered for the most.

He launched his own business called The Catch Up in 2016 and would unite international DJ's, local artists and the community at sold out events. His passion and work ethic was unwavering.

"He was a creator, never thought inside the box, a mind so eager to change this world," Brittany said. "Cory had a vision and a passion and he just so happened to express that through his music and events."

Although Cory is no longer physically with us, Brittany said his spirit will live on for the rest of her life.

"We will hold on to the love and not the loss," she said.

"We will find comfort in knowing that it is not goodbye forever. Siblings are one of the truest, purest forms of love. Knowing when to hold you, when to challenge you, but always being apart of you.

"That is exactly what it was like growing up with Cory."

Cory's partner Nadia Formosa delivered a touching speech at the ceremony, dedicated to her "soulmate, partner, lover and best friend."

She described Cory as an inspiration and a beacon of light.


Cory Geisler
Cory Geisler will be forever loved by partner Nadia Formosa. Contributed

"Having you by my side for the last four years has made me the happiest girl on the planet," she said.

"Your crazy passion for music was inspiring. You were a killer DJ, your stage presence was nothing but light. You made everyone around you more creative.

"Thank you for always having my back no matter what life threw at me, you were always there to set me in the right direction and tell me it was going to be okay. I know that you will be watching over me so I will be waiting and watching for your signs."

Following the ceremony the cortege left for Walkerston Cemetery. Instead of a sea of black exiting the church, people wore colourful "shit shirts" in memory of Cory's events.


Cory Geisler.
Cory Geisler, 27, was passionate about music. Contributed

Despite the tears, stories of happy times were shared by friends. Cory's fun-loving, wild, energetic nature is unforgettable and will forever be missed.

Cory's devastating battle with cancer shocked the Mackay community. His melanoma diagnosis was unexpected and heartbreaking. Friends and family of Cory are sharing the message to go and get a skin check to prevent any further tragedies.