A crocodile sunning himself on the banks of the Proserpine River (file photo).
A crocodile sunning himself on the banks of the Proserpine River (file photo).

‘Real big’ croc spotted at Lethebrook

TWO crocodiles - including one 'real big' one - have been spotted at Lethebrook.

Fisherman Steve MacGregor and son Scott MacGregor were fishing off the Bruce Highway, on Wednesday, when they spotted them.

They want to warn other fishermen and also children who may go there to swim.

"They're coming up on the big tides from Thompson Creek," Mr MacGregor said.

"One of the crocs was real big - nine to 10 feet long - and there was also a smaller one down further, probably about three feet long.

"I said, we don't turn our backs - the croc sat there and watched us for a good half-hour.

"We were walking in water up to our thighs to get to the bridge - I've never been that scared in my life.

"If there's one, there's got to be more in there - I've never seen one in there before and I have been a local for 30 years.

"A lot of locals from Proserpine go out there. There's also a lot of cattle around there, as well as pelicans, black swans, roos and emus.

"The barra are big at the moment - about a metre long - and the crocs are coming for the barra. The splashing would also attract them."

Scott MacGregor said it was the first time he'd seen a croc.

"It was the first time I'd seen one with my own eyes and being so close to them was scary," he said.

The pair told local fishing shops about the croc sightings, so they could warn other anglers.

A spokesman for Whitsunday Regional Council said they had not received any reports of a crocodile sighting.