The court heard his life had spiraled out of control after his relationship broke down.
The court heard his life had spiraled out of control after his relationship broke down.

Relationship breakdown behind man's drug use and offending

RELATIONSHIP breakdown had led a 23-year-old Toowoomba man into drug use and a life spiraling out of control.

Joseph Llewellyn Edmunds had not taken the break-up well and when a friend offered him some methamphetamine he had quickly become addicted, his solicitor Brad Skuse told the court.

Up until then the boilermaker had a good job and little criminal history at all, he said.

However, the 23-year-old had eventually found himself in jail and had spent 135 days in pre-sentence custody before appearing by video link from the prison on Friday to plead guilty to more than 30 offences including a range of drug charges, drug driving, unlawful use of a motor vehicle, stealing, unlawful possession of weapons, breaching bail, failing to appear in court and burglary.

The court heard the most serious of his offending was a burglary on August 29 last year in which two firearms and cash were stolen.

Another serious matter had been the 23-year-old going to his ex-partner's home armed with a baseball bat which he used to break windows, the court heard.

Mr Skuse said, fortunately, the weapons had been recovered quite quickly as was half of the cash.

During his time in custody his client had had time to reflect and had since re-engaged with his family and upon release would be looking to get back into work, Mr Skuse submitted.

Magistrate Graham Lee declared the 135 days pre-sentence custody as time served under the sentence and sentenced Edmunds to 13 months in jail but ordered he be released immediately on parole, ordered he pay $600 in fines and restitution and disqualified him from holding or obtaining a driver's licence for two years.