PAW-FECT: The top 10 dog breeds in the Whitsundays have been revealed.
PAW-FECT: The top 10 dog breeds in the Whitsundays have been revealed. blanscape

REVEALED: The top 10 dog breeds in the Whitsundays

ALMOST 1000 registered dogs call the Whitsundays home with one breed staking a convincing stronghold for the title of the region's most popular furry friend.

Whitsunday Regional Council's latest dog registration data reveals the region is home to at least 921 canines, made up of 79 different breeds.

The region's most popular dog, with 113 registered, is the English Staffordshire bull terrier.

The classic 'staffy' is a clear winner around the Whitsundays, with the breed making up a total of 12.9 per cent of all registered dogs.

Hot on its heels with 86 registrations and 9.3 per cent of total dog registrations for the Whitsundays is the energetic border collie.

Other popular breeds in the top five include the Australian cattle dog, the labrador retriever and the Maltese terrier.

Pug, old English sheepdog and the greyhound are among some of the most unique dogs in the Whitsundays, all notching a single registration.

Interestingly, one dog owner has even opted for an Australian icon, with a single dingo registered.

Registration costs range from $67 for a desexed dog and $122 for a non-desexed dog.



English Staffordshire Bull Terrier - 113
Border Collie - 86
Australian Cattle Dog - 72
Labrador Retriever - 60
Maltese Terrier - 54
Jack Russell Terrier - 54
Mini Fox Terrier - 44
Fox Terrier - 36
Australian Kelpie - 35
Shih Tzu - 28