ROAD CLOSURES: Foreshore Fiesta celebration to halt traffic

THE long-awaited opening of the Airlie Beach Foreshore is on this weekend and will include some road closures.

Part of the Airlie Esplanade will be closed for seven hours on Saturday to make way for the Fiesta with food trucks, tuk tuks and live music to dominate the area.

Main St and Coconut Grove roundabouts mark the closure boundaries.

It's been nine months since the Foreshore was closed to the public and since, the council has worked tirelessly to restore the cyclone damaged precinct.

>>How much concrete, trees, piping and other materials did it take to rebuild the foreshore? We take you behind the fences with our exclusive on the works.

Road closure details

Airlie Esplanade: Between Main St roundabout and Coconut Grove roundabout between 12pm and 7pm, June 29