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Robin Williams loved ones still in shock

ROBIN Williams' friends and family are still "in complete shock" over his death.

The 'Hook' actor was found hanged at his home on August 11 and his loved ones are still struggling to comprehend the fact he took his own life as he hadn't seemed to be in "distress" in the days leading up to his suicide.

A source told People magazine: "We are in complete shock. Those who were with him in his last days saw no sign of [distress]. It has gutted us all."

According to the insider, Robin had been excited about a forthcoming fundraiser for 10,000 Degrees, a local education charity, particularly because his wife Susan Schneider had donated several of her paintings for the event and he had contributed one of his favourite bicycles.

The source said: "He was so excited to be a part of it. Susan was going to be a featured artist, and he was so supportive of her."

The benefit, which takes place on Saturday (23.08.14) is to be hosted by Kathy Griffin and sponsored by The Drever Family Foundation.

Organisers have announced the fundraiser will now pay tribute to the late star.