SAMSUNG has revealed their vision for the future smart home, and it includes a fridge that can recommend the next TV show to binge.  

Voice controlled smart home devices were a major part of Samsung's big press conference at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, echoing similar announcements from LG earlier in the day. 

Washing machines will get new smart features via Samsung's AI platform Bixby, and the existing Family Hub fridge will get even more control in the company's vision of a connected home. 

Samsung will also introduce Bixby into 2019 QLED televisions - like their newly unveiled 98 inch QLED 8K TV - via an AI remote. 

TV fans will be able to ask their smart TV, or Bixby-connected devices like their fridge, for recommendations. They will even be offered shows and movies to watch based on data like their viewing habits and subscription services. 

The TVs will also work with other AI platforms such as Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa. 

"We have a bold vision for connected living," Samsung consumer electronics CEO HS Kim said.

"It simplifies a complex world." 

Samsung consumer electronics CEO HS Kim.
Samsung consumer electronics CEO HS Kim.

Samsung is not the only one betting big on AI-centred homes. LG already announced its version of the connected home and Amazon is featuring at CES with its increasingly popular smart speaker Alexa. 

Samsung's major sell for it's AI future was convenience. Hands full doing the dishes? Ask your fridge to look up dinner recipes. Want to clean the house? Use the hub to activate cleaning mode and send out your connected robot vacuums or open smart blinds. 

But much like Amazon and Google, Samsung faces the same distrust about data use, and the company touched on a new AI philosophy in announcing the connected home. 

"AI has to be responsible," HS Kim said.

"The protection of user information and privacy must be paramount." 

Australian consumers may be waiting a while for the latest generation of connected devices. Samsung has only just opened pre-orders for select QLED 8K TVs in the United States, and a local release date has not been announced. 

The writer travelled to Las Vegas as a guest of Samsung Australia.