David Locke, Laidley, tried
David Locke, Laidley, tried "more than 20" times for his faulty phone to be replaced through warranty before it exploded in his hands. Photo: Ebony Graveur

Samsung phone ‘explodes’ in man’s hands

IT WAS overheating, failing to charge properly and generally not working the way a phone should.

After months of trying to get his dodgy phone replaced, David Locke was lucky to escape with minor burns after the device exploded in his hands.

The Laidley wildlife carer had just removed his SIM card from the Samsung A20 when it blew up.

"I realised something was going wrong with it - it was really overheating and I took the SIM card out, thank god," Mr Locke said.

"After I took the SIM card out, it started to smoke and then it blew up in my hand."

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The explosion burned Mr Locke's hands and left holes in his carpet.

"That could have been in my pocket, it could have been in a car, it could have been in a baby's room - it could have been a lot more serious and caused tremendous damage," he said.

"I got a bit of a burn of my hands."

Mr Locke’s phone exploded in his hands. Photo: Contributed
Mr Locke’s phone exploded in his hands. Photo: Contributed

Mr Locke estimated he had contacted Samsung more than 25 times for a replacement, telling the electronics giant his phone was faulty.

"It was overheating, not properly working and you couldn't charge it properly," he said.

"It was for ages and ages - Samsung got copies of the receipts from where I originally got it from in Ipswich."

The phone was still in warranty and just over a year old.

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"It had a two-year warranty and I'd had it for about 14 months. Maybe they were waiting and waiting and waiting for the warranty to run out," Mr Locke said.

Mr Locke said he had to wait nearly six weeks for a replacement phone, making it difficult for him to carry out his work as a wildlife carer.

"The inconvenience of not having it because Samsung would not get off its arse is ridiculous, he said.

"I did miss quite a few (wildlife rescue) calls."

Mr Locke said Samsung had since given him a new Samsung Galaxy 31.

Samsung has been contacted for comment.


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