Second boy, 15, arrested in relation to North Rocky break in

POLICE have arrested two boys, aged 11 and 15, following a break in at a Stenlake Ave residence in North Rockhampton yesterday afternoon.

Police were in pursuit of a group of juveniles about 4.30pm Sunday, before the 11-year-old was detained and taken to the Rockhampton Police Station after a foot chase near Duffy St.

Police will allege the boys were found with a screwdriver and gloves.

They will both be dealt with under the Youth Justice Act 1992.

Police are following up on other suspects who were also allegedly involved.

The arrests come as Rockhampton police investigate a series of burglary reports from residents in Berserker, Norman Gardens and Kawana between Thursday, June 23 and early this morning.


Police have released the following information on North Rockhampton business break-ins over the weekend:

  • Miles St, Berserker: Offenders have forced entry into an upstairs dwelling and located keys to a clubhouse situated down stairs. The offenders used the keys to enter the club house and then forced entry to a bar area and stole a quantity of money left in the till.
  • Dooley St, Park Ave: Entry was gained by using a large rock to smash the front glass door and money was taken from a till.
  • Norman Rd, Norman Gardens: Offenders have forced entry to a child care centre and stolen a bearded dragon lizard.
  • Elphinstone St, Berserker: Access was gained through an unlocked garage. Property stolen included a lawnmower, a Husquvarna brush-cutter and unleaded fuel.


Tips to avoid a break in:

  • Make it as difficult as possible for an offender to gain entry i.e. install and use key operated locks on doors and windows. Key lock, not latch only!
  • Don't place keys under door mats or in obvious places.
  • Make it as difficult as possible for an offender to exit with your property i.e. use the key-operated locks on doors and windows, make sure alarms are functioning.
  • Make it as difficult as possible for an offender to want to steal your property i.e. engrave or microdot all items of value.
  • Photograph property such as jewellery, antiques and items that can't be engraved.
  • Be alert and report suspicious behaviour immediately to police.

Holiday security check list, have you:

  • Locked all windows with key operated locks.
  • Locked all external doors with keys, including deadlocks.
  • Advised local police you are away and provide contact details.
  • Locked all tools away to avoid having them used to break into your home.
  • Cancelled paper and mail deliveries or have mail redirected.
  • Asked neighbour or friend to collect junk mail and keep an eye on your property.
  • Disconnect electrical supply on garage door to avoid having it used as an exit point.
  • If you are leaving your car at home, ensure you either hide your keys or give them to a trusted friend or neighbour for safe keeping. All keys should be kept out of sight.
  • Locked valuables in a safe or bank safety deposit box.
  • Engraved belongings to act as a deterrent for thieves.
  • Left some clothing on the clothes line to give it a 'lived in' look.
  • Asked a trusted friend to park a car in your driveway to look like you have visitors.
  • Arranged for a friend or neighbour to mow your lawn.
  • Automatic timing devices switching lights on and off at specific times.
  • Turned down the volume on your telephone so it is not audible to possible offenders.
  • Left the house looking like it is 'lived in'.
  • Lock up wheelie bins to avoid having them used to move property or as ladders.
  • Please report suspicious behaviour to police immediately.