CAMPAIGN TRAIL: Senate hopefuls Amanda Cramm and Susan McDonald visited Proserpine on Friday.
CAMPAIGN TRAIL: Senate hopefuls Amanda Cramm and Susan McDonald visited Proserpine on Friday. Monique Preston

Senate hopefuls have Proserpine ties

TWO National Party Senate hopefuls who were on the campaign trail in Proserpine on Friday have close links to the town.

Susan McDonald and Amanda Camm spoke to local businesses and voters who turned out to the pre-polling booth in the town.

The pair both have relatives who have either lived in Proserpine or still live there.

Ms Camm is based in Mackay, but her grandfather Stan Camm was a Proserpine Sugar director and her grandmother Coral Camm still lives in Proserpine.

Ms Camm's great uncle Ron Camm was also the Member for Whitsunday.

Ms McDonald also has ties to the area.

Her relatives came to live in Proserpine in 1860, with the McDonald building in the main street named after her family.

The McDonalds ran cattle in the area until 1946, when Ms McDonald's grandfather moved to Cloncurry.

Ms McDonald is currently in the process of moving from Cloncurry to Townsville.

"Coming to Proserpine was like coming home," she said.

"I have a real sense of connection here."

Ms McDonald's great grandparents are buried in the Bowen cemetery.

In the coming federal election, Ms McDonald is second on the Liberal National Party Senate ticket, while Ms Camm, who is the Mackay Regional Council deputy mayor, is fifth.

The pair urged people to ensure their vote in the Senate counted, with people either to mark one box above the line on the Senate paper or number 12 boxes below the line.

Ms McDonald said she believed representation for north Queensland was "incredibly important" and she felt better services and infrastructure were needed in the regions.

"When the regions are prosperous, Queensland is prosperous," she said.

Ms McDonald said the LNP was investing in the Rural Generalist Program to enable doctors to train in specialist areas including obstetrics to allow women to give birth in their own communities rather than going elsewhere.

Money is also being promised for rural and regional teacher training programs to help teachers stay in regional jobs, as well as funding for better internet and mobile coverage, she said.

Ms Camm said funding for Urannah Dam was also important, as well as a recent funding promise for Central Queensland University which will help with mining and mechanical trades to help keep young people in towns like Proserpine, Bowen and Collinsville.

All LNP candidates were also focused on delivering Bruce Highway upgrades to flood proof the area around Proserpine, especially Goorganga Plains and Hamilton Plains, Ms Camm said.