The Proserpine Court House.
The Proserpine Court House. Peter Carruthers

Not the first time Whitsundays sex offender failed to report

A sex offender who failed to report his whereabouts has faced court.

Cannon Valley's Glenn Bernard Gustke, 57, pleaded guilty in Proserpine Magistrates Court after failing to comply with his daily reporting requirements.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Hannah Beard told the court Gustke contacted the registry on March 1 after he failed to report the previous day regarding his 2017 conviction.

Defence solicitor John Ryan made note of Gustke's efforts to contact authorities and told the court he failed to report on the required day because of anxiety and family issues.

"He was one day late - he has no access to a computer or mobile and he usually reports by ringing on a landline," he said.

"He had no changes from the previous report he made."

Magistrate James Morton told the court he thought the requirements of Gustke's reporting were clear.

"He is a reportable sex offender and authorities need to know where he is everywhere he goes," he said.

The court heard Gustke had similar incidents in his history including failing to report the number plates of a vehicle he drove on occasion for work.

Mr Morton said due to the nature of Gustke's original offence, any subsequent offences were to be treated seriously.

"Any breach under this legislation is to be treated seriously - any move he makes, the authorities want to know because of the original events," he said.

"How many more times will it take for him to get the message - we don't forgive, and we don't forget.

"This isn't going to go away so the last thing you want to do is upset this legislation again."

Gustke was fined $600 with convictions recorded.