Sex offender released with 44 conditions

PETER Raymond Cooney, who pleaded guilty in Gladstone, to indecent treatment of a child charges, will be released under 44 strict conditions.

Cooney pleaded guilty in the Gladstone District Court on March 2, 2015, to three counts of indecent treatment of a child under 16, one of indecent treatment of a child under 16 who was under 12, one of unlawful stalking with violence, and one bomb hoax.

His release date was December 1 this year.

In her judgment delivered late last month, Ros Atkinson had to decide whether to keep Cooney in prison or release him subject to a supervision order.

After reports from three psychiatrists she decided to release Cooney under strict conditions.

"The offences are serious sexual offences because they involve children but cannot be said to be at the most serious end of serious sexual offending," she said in his judgment. "The respondent (Cooney) has a number of deficits which are relevant to his behaviour.

"He suffers from an intellectual disability, various personality disorders and paedophilic tendencies.

"He also has suffered from time to time from polysubstance abuse."

Justice Atkinson said Cooney needed "careful and strict supervision".

Some of the conditions Cooney was placed under include strict reporting on his life to a Corrective Services officer.

He is not allowed to drink alcohol or take illicit drugs while under the supervision order.

Without a reasonable excuse Cooney is not allowed within 100 metres of a school.

He is also not allowed to establish or maintain any contact with a child under 16, except with prior written approval from a Corrective Services officer.

One of the other conditions imposed on Cooney is that he needs approval to use a computer or the internet.

Justice Atkinson told Cooney he would have to comply carefully with the restrictions.

"They are for the benefit of the community but they are also for your benefit because if you comply with them, you can keep out of trouble and stay out of prison," she said.

"Do you understand?"

Cooney responded "yes Your Honour".

The supervision order was made for 10 years.