UPDATE: 3.30pm

A FATHER and two sons have handed themselves in at about 1.30pm this afternoon after gunshots were heard and a house burnt down in Cedar Creek Rd last night.

Gladstone police received a call at about 9.30pm last night when three men went to the rural property in Diglum and allegedly made threats against a man and a woman.

Police said three firearms were stolen from the residency and a number of shots were fired , including at a caravan on the property when the woman was inside, before the three men lit the house on fire.

The trio fled the scene to an unknown location.

No one was injured during the ordeal.

The man and woman told police the argument was caused over a "property dispute."

At present, no charges have been laid against the three men.

Police said they were investigating whether at the time the three men were under the influence of alochol or drugs "to be acting in this rationale".

Detective Senior Sergeant Luke Peachey said it was fortunate no one was hurt.

"We have had specialist police there all day today examining the crime scene," he said.

"To see the house that has been destroyed, it begs belief that people would go to this extreme.

"Not only to use firearms but to destroy someone's residence ... But the fact that no one was hurt is very lucky.

"All three people who handed themselves in were known to police."

The whereabouts of the three guns, including one .22 calibre firearm and two .223 calibres remain unknown.

EARLIER, 9.45 am

A HOUSE and a caravan were burned to the ground after a gun was fired into the air during a heated argument at a property in Diglum last night.

Gladstone police say about 10pm three men went to a rural property on Cedar Creek Rd and made threats against a man and a woman. 

One of the men shot a gun into the air while police say another member of the trio set the house and a nearby caravan alight.

No one was physically hurt and police have established a crime scene and commenced an investigation.