RACQ reveals how Qld kids are being locked in cars

The silly mistakes behind 1200 kids being locked in cars

IT'S the silly mistake that is helping to see a staggering 1200 children locked in Queensland cars each year.

The RACQ has released new figures showing more than 400 children were locked in cars in the Brisbane area alone.

On the Gold Coast the tally was 169, while on the Sunshine Coast, 94 had to be rescued.

RACQ's Head of Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding is urging motorists to take more care with their car keys.

"The majority of cases where children are locked in cars are accidental and avoidable," Mr Spalding said.

"Parents or carers will hand the keys to their child to play with while they unpack the shopping or load their vehicle, and they inadvertently press the lock button."

Mr Spalding said there was never a safe time to leave a child or animal alone in a vehicle.

"It doesn't matter if you're parked in the shade or your windows are slightly down," he said.

"The reality is car temperatures can reach 40 degrees in just seven minutes and these high temperatures can have serious health impacts, or even cause death, for those locked inside.

"Please, keep your car keys on you and if you see a child trapped in a car, call RACQ or emergency services. Don't try to break a window, this can injure the child or animal inside."


Children locked in car
Brisbane 406 
Other areas 342
Gold Coast 169 
Sunshine Coast 94
Toowoomba 45
Townsville 43
Cairns 33
Mackay 27
Bundaberg 21
Rockhampton 18

TOTAL: 1198

Animals locked in cars

Brisbane 161
Other areas 271
Gold Coast 101
Sunshine Coast 92
Toowoomba 16
Townsville  26
Cairns 22
Mackay  13
Bundaberg 15
Rockhampton 18

TOTAL: 720